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Moving to Pyproject and Tox

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Is it difficult to maintain 5 versions of Python? No, if everything is covered by tests. Is it difficult to maintain tests? Taking only pyproject and tox, Andrey and his team went through the wilds of bash scripts and cleared the way to concise CI/CD, solving the Dev/Prod Parity issue along the way. This story is not about star flights. It is about positive experience and synergy of simple tools.

Andrey is on the Python infrastructure team at Kontur. One of their goals is to support libraries that are common to all Python development teams. When he joined the team, he immediately ran into two main problems: the libraries were written at different times by different people and CI/CD errors did not recur locally.

Whether you are already using libraries as a way to share a common code, or you are just looking for a better way – the speaker will be glad to share his experience.


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