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PiterPy Online

3 августа 2020 (пн), 16:00 - 6 августа 2020 (чт), 20:00


Miroslav Šedivý: "Python, Let's Go Home. Quickly."


Python, Let's Go Home. Quickly.

When your daily commute, shopping tour, or visit to family or friends offers many possible routes and real-time online navigation services are of no use for your individual mean of transport, you can still learn to find the optimal route.

Miroslav Šedivý
Germany. Karlsruhe
solute GmbH

Born in Czechoslovakia, studied in France, living in Germany. Languages enthusiast and hjkl juggler. Using Python to get you the lowest prices online. I like to discuss the human stuff in the IT: how humans write in their languages, how they measure time and fiddle with time zones, and how they can teach the computers to do the boring stuff for them.

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