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PiterPy 2020

27 ноября 2020 (пт), 09:00 - 19:00


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Осталось: 6 месяцев

Pascal van Kooten: "High-Frequency Cryptocurrency Trading using Asyncio"


High-Frequency Cryptocurrency Trading using Asyncio

I used to believe that it is impossible to make a strategy that would be profitable in trading. You'd need to have a lot of investment to be able to earn anything worthwhile, right? Wrong! This is an engineering problem. The first part will explain how the cryptocurrency market functions, and outline several existing strategies. The second part consists of laying out how one could "battle" the established traders using a typical data science stack, and adding Asyncio on top. I'll explain the architecture I came up with, and the steps I've taken to run it "in production".

Pascal van KootenLynn
Netherlands. Utrecht
Senior Data Scientist
Jibes Data Analytics

Pascal van Kooten is fascinated by Human Machine Interaction. He has been applying AI (such as bots, machine/deep learning) in open-source projects, competitions and enterprises alike. Among his projects: computer vision to determine car damage, lead generation by scanning and interpreting the internet, and generative chatbots to converse intelligently. He currently holds a position as (youngest) Senior Data Analytics Consultant at Jibes Data Analytics in The Netherlands.

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