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Launch an MVP? Hold my beer

  • Talk in Russian
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Alexey will talk about:

  • his experience in implementation of different MVP projects;
  • what's the difficulty of their launch at microservices;
  • what problems will be faced by the developers at start;
  • which solutions need to be considered immediately and which ones may be postponed;
  • what needs to be worked out and considered when planning deadlines.

We will consider automated tests which are always excluded from MVP. You will learn why it's bad practice. Alexey will show how automated tests are built in microservices. We will go through working with integration bus (with RabbitMQ as a base). We will learn about working with and without celery, as well as about logging and how it should be. We will also have some monitoring systems and have a closer look at Sentry.

There will also be case studies and experience in implementation of different projects.


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