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Offline day

 10:3519:15 (UTC+3)

Offline: Park Inn by Radisson Pulkovskaya, 1 Pobedy Square, Saint‑Petersburg, Russian Federation

Online broadcast

Why It’s Worth Going

  • Talk in person

    To see old friends. To discuss current problems. To come up with new ideas. To debate and just chat.
  • Switch the format to offline

    To have a change of scenery, to distract and have a good time. To gain fresh impressions and new acquaintances.


There will be a broadcast on the Offline day of the conference, which is available to participants with any ticket. If you want to meet and interact with the speakers and other participants live,we are waiting for you at the venue. And if you are not ready to get to the venue, recordings of all the talks and activities will be waiting for you on this website.


  • The time in the program is for the time zone UTC+3.

  • As offline day comes closer, the program may be updated.

  • Talk

    Room 1

    Writing backend for indie game. Scoreboard, events, chat, pain

    In 2016, Anton started writing a single-player browser game based on Travian and Heroes in JS. Five years and 30K SLOC later, he decided to add common events for all players. And so it went: the announcement system, the table of records, the events themselves, the distribution of rewards. Everything was done in a simple way, on Flask. Then the chat provider "tightened the screws" and before the release of the beta had to write his own chat. 
    On the day of release, 31.12.2021, Anton found out how bad the idea was :)

  • Talk

    Room 1

    Enhancing observability with Django + Celery using Kibana, Elastic APM, Prometheus and log standardization

    The talk will cover practices and tools that will allow you to study system behavior in a productive environment, making it easier and faster to diagnose and solve problems. Examples will be shown in Django and Celery-based system, but with minimal modifications they can be used with other frameworks.

  • Workshop

    Room 4

    Workshop. Developer Experience in Django, part 1

    Using a live project as an example, the speaker will deploy and configure a Django application from scratch for easy development. He'll make it 12-factor, bolt on linters, use actual toiling for testing, and put it all in CI.

  • Talk

    Room 1

    CV in the archive: digitization of microfilms

    The researchers at European University (and not only there) face large inconveniences when working with microfilms, reduced copies of paper documents on film. They addressed the problem to the director of the Center for Machine Learning. There was developed an algorithm which allows you to convert the video of browsing the slides on microfilm into a ready PDF. Telegram bot was also designed for users.

    Technologies: ML and neural networks (PyTorch, YOLO, DBSCAN), libraries for working with computer vision (OpenCV, sciPy), AIOGram bot. 

    Target audience: people who want to do computer vision, but do not know what to begin with, experts in CV and its researchers.

  • Workshop

    Room 4

    Workshop. Developer Experience in Django, part 2

    Using a live project as an example, the speaker will deploy and configure a Django application from scratch for easy development. He'll make it 12-factor, bolt on linters, use actual toiling for testing, and put it all in CI.

  • Talk

    Room 1

    API attack vectors

    Fintech companies are very concerned about application security. Both business and security standards, such as PCI DSS, require it. 

    In this talk, the speaker will show some attack vectors on APIs, which are related to insufficiently designed application architecture or outright violations in writing code in terms of best practices, making the application vulnerable. You will learn about attack vectors, possible defenses and preventive measures.

  • Talk

    Room 2

    How to find your place in the 3D world and more with TensorFlow Graphics and PyTorch3D

    In this talk the speaker will answer the questions:

    • how to determine one's position in 3D space from a single photo;
    • which 3D data related tasks can now be solved using Python without resorting to C++;
    • what are the major differences in implementations of graphic layers in frameworks and how this can affect optimization results.
  • Master class

    Room 4

    Using Python for reinforcement learning

    At the master class you will get acquainted with reinforcement learning, learn the possibilities of application, advantages and disadvantages of this direction. You will get acquainted with the basic RL algorithms and build your first model.

  • Talk

    Room 1

    Good old if-elif-else or the new evil match?

    Python 3.10 has a new match instruction. It allows you to make complex  if - elif - else  conditions more readable. But does match always improve code readability? Andrey will tell how to write such a match which will be intuitively understandable even to those who are not familiar with this instruction. His talk is based on his experience of adding a match instruction to the PyCharm code editor. The talk details the work of match, the pitfalls, and the pros and cons of using this instruction.

  • Talk

    Room 2

    Introduction to GPGPU for Python Programmers

    Python is widely used for mathematical calculations. In many cases, performance is a critical issue in such calculations. Any modern computer is equipped with a graphics processor. Often it has significantly better computational performance than the CPU. You'll learn how and in what situations you can quickly incorporate the power of the GPU into your Python code in your calculations without having to program the graphics cards yourself.

  • Talk

    Room 1

    ETNA: the challenges of developing an open source framework for time series

    Speakers will tell why in their team decided to develop their own open source framework for working with time series in Python, what pains they experienced during the development process and how they tried to solve them.

    The problems they will talk about are not tied to the specifics of their framework and can occur in any open source project. In this sense, the talk will be interesting for a wide range of developers and will be both instructive and entertaining.

  • Talk

    Room 2

    A case in the life of a cloud

    OpenStack is a set of freely distributed projects, which is used to build cloud services infrastructure.

    The speaker will tell you how you can build a public cloud with OpenStack, why you should choose this tool, and what its pros and cons are. You will learn about the problems you may encounter and how the speaker's team solved one of these problems.

  • Talk

    Room 1

    Clean Python code: myths, facts, and double standards

    We've all read Robert Martin's book on clean code and love PEP8. And it's true: many people follow best practices in their development. But are they all the best, and who are they all?

    The speakers have analyzed over five thousand popular open source projects and are happy to share the results with the community. Let's talk about them both in terms of analysis methodology and interesting findings.

  • Discussions

    Live conversation with speakers between activities. No recording and no time limit.
  • BoF

    Informal conversations without hosts or speakers. This is where new ideas are born.
  • Round tables

    Speakers and experts discuss current industry issues.


  • Coffee and lunch breaks

    Buffet and beverages of your choosing. If you have food restrictions, write to our support team. We’ll find a solution.
  • Networking

    Informal atmosphere and heart-to-heart talks. Networking for all participants, speakers, and experts.
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COVID-19 free zone

The incidence of COVID-19 is increasing and we want to ensure sufficient security measures at the Offline day. For this reason, we are introducing new rules for visiting the site. At the entrance, we will ask you to show a PCR negative result test made 48 hours before the event.

We consider vaccination an insufficient safety measure to avoid an outbreak of the virus. Therefore, you won’t be able to access the Offline day only with a QR code. We ask you to take care of others’ and your own safety, and do a PCR test before the conference.

If you have problems getting to the site, email our support — we will help you.

  • How can I access the conference?
    Show your PCR test with a negative result (it’s valid for 48 hours). Without a PCR test, even if you have a QR code, we are sorry, but you cannot attend the offline day.
  • I have a vaccination certificate. Can I attend the conference?
    If you have a QR code without a PCR test with a negative result (it’s valid for 48 hours), you will not be able to access the conference.
  • What if I have bought an offline ticket? Will I be refunded?

    You will be refunded if none of these options suits you:

    • You can join the broadcast and watch everything online. To refund the difference between the online and offline ticket, email our support team:
    • You can take an express test on the day of the conference. On this issue, you can also email our support team:
  • What security measures will be on site?
    • There will be sanitizers and masks. However, it is not obligatory to wear a mask; it is up to you.
    • An ambulance team is constantly on duty at the site.

    Please send all questions and clarifications to


  • Where will the Offline day of the conference be held?
    Offline-day will be held on October 28 at the following address: Park Inn by Radisson Pulkovskaya: 1 Pobedy Square, Saint‑Petersburg, Russian Federation.
  • When will the program and time for the Offline day of the conference be known?
    We will publish the program on the conference website starting in the second half of September.
  • What activities will be included on the Offline day of the conference?

    There will be on the offline day:

    • talk
    • roundtables
    • BoF-sessions: meetings of interest without a scheduled schedule
    • discussions with offline and online speakers who will come to the site
  • Will there be an online broadcast of the Offline day of the conference?

    We will broadcast live most of the activities of the offline day: talks, roundtables, etc.

    Discussions and BoF-sessions will not be broadcast or recorded.

  • Offline was so long ago that I no longer remember what the procedure was for offline conferences.
    Don’t worry, before the conference we will send you a participant’s memo. It will contain all the necessary information.
  • Can I buy a ticket only for the Offline day of the conference?
    To attend the Offline Day, you must purchase an "Online+Offline" ticket. It entitles you to attend the offline day of the conference and access to the recordings of the online day.
  • How do I get into Offline Day if I have a "Double Online" ticket?
    If you already have a ticket for the online part of the conference, you can upgrade it to "Online+Offline". To do so, email our support team at
  • How do I get to the Offline day if the company only paid for my "Double Online" ticket?
    If the company that paid for your ticket is not willing to upgrade to Offline, you can do it yourself at a discount. The discount is given for taking the survey after the online part of the conference ends.
  • Is there a limit to the number of tickets for the Offline day?

    The number of tickets is limited to the capacity of the conference venue.

    So it is better to buy tickets in advance while they are available.

  • Are there any restrictions on going to an offline conference?

    In order to access the conference, you will need a negative PCR test. It must have been done no earlier than 48 hours before registration.

    If you have a QR code but no PCR test with a negative result, you will not be able to access the conference. A valid PCR test is a prerequisite for attending the conference.

    If you have problems getting to the site, email our support — we will help you.

  • What will be the case with Offline Day if a new wave of COVID-19?

    The incidence of COVID-19 is increasing, so we are setting new rules for visiting offline sites.

    In order to get to the Offline day of the conference, we will ask you to present a PCR test with a negative result made during the 48 hours before the event. At venues in Moscow and St. Petersburg, we will provide seating according to the principles of social distancing. These are tough measures, but they will make conference participants safe.

    If the situation worsens and offline events are canceled, we will move the Offline Day to online. That way, speakers will give their talks remotely or from our studio. Nothing will change for participants with a "Double Online" ticket. "Online + Offline" participants can convert their ticket into a "Double Online" ticket with a refund of the price difference, or carry it over to the next year. It will also be possible to return the ticket and get a full refund.

    Either way, we will not be postponing the conferences to next year.