PiterPy 2020 / Ivan Nikolaev: AAA Game UI Framework Powered by Python / Saint Petersburg, Russia, Online / 27 November 2020

PiterPy 2020

27 November 2020 (Fri), 09:00 - 19:00

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Ivan Nikolaev: AAA Game UI Framework Powered by Python


AAA Game UI Framework Powered by Python​
Developing a UI framework for a AAA video game is challenging to say the least. Developing a flexible one providing compatibility both with an 8-year-old codebase and fresh ideas for faster prototyping might scare even the bravest. In this talk we shall touch upon the problems the development team at Wargaming faced and which solutions they adopted while designing the new UI framework for their award-winning game, World of Tanks.

Ivan Nikolaev​
Minsk, Belarus
Team Lead, Gameplay Developer

I became a programmer, driven by a childhood dream of making video games. During a 7-year journey through software development, I made my bones in the wasteland of system, web and desktop applications. My dream came true two years ago, when I joined Wargaming and became part of the awesome team behind the legendary World of Tanks game. I am currently developing the gameplay logic for it.

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