PiterPy 2019 / Lynn Root: "asyncio in Practice: We Did It Wrong" / Saint Petersburg, Russia / 1 November 2019

PiterPy 2019

1 November 2019 (Fri), 09:00 - 19:00

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Lynn Root: "asyncio in Practice: We Did It Wrong"


asyncio in Practice: We Did It Wrong

Everyone’s talking about it. Everyone’s using it. But most likely, they’re doing it wrong, just like we did.
This talk will walk through common mistakes and antipatterns, drawing from experience with how we’ve used asyncio in Spotify’s infrastructure. You’ll learn how to approach asynchronous programming with Python’s asyncio, take away some best practices, and what pitfalls to avoid.

Lynn Root​
USA. New York City
Lead Site Reliability Engineer

Lynn Root is an SRE with historical issues of using her last name as her username, and the resident FOSS evangelist. She is also a global leader of PyLadies and former Vice Chair of the Python Software Foundation Board of Directors. When her hands are not on a keyboard, they are usually holding a bass guitar.

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