PiterPy 2019 / Konstantin Tyapochkin, Alexey Smirnov: Why would robots read your code? / Saint Petersburg, Russia / 1 November 2019

Konstantin Tyapochkin, Alexey Smirnov: Why would robots read your code?


Why would robots read your code?​

Overview of the latest achievements in Machine Learning (ML) / Natural Language Processing (NLP) / Code Mining (CM) as applied to the analysis of source code and related artifacts. A down-to-earth explanation by the example of python projects: autocompletion and code generation, sentiment analysis of development artifacts and what can be extracted therefrom; summing up and autogeneration of technical documentation.

Konstantin Tyapochkin​ ​ 
St. Petersburg, Russia
Chief Data Scientist ​

Alexey Smirnov​
St. Petersburg, Russia
Chief Product Owner


Alexey Smirnov​

Founder @Profiscope / CodeScoring, PhDc.

Scientific and pedagogical activity at the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of St. Petersburg State University for more than 10 years. Expert in commercial software development for over 15 years. An active member of the OpenDataScience and SPbPython communities. Previously CTO in SoftService and Netrika (staff up to 300 people) — the largest system integrators in the B2G sector, where he worked building and scaling processes of development and support, personnel technical policy. Project and product manager for General Satellite.


Konstantin Tyapochkin​ ​ 

Co-Founder @Profiscope / CodeScoring, PhDc.

Experience in data analysis (data mining) more than 10 years with various fields: starting from classical machine learning and natural language processing and special statistical analysis and modelling. Active participant of OpenDataScience community. Lead Data Scientist in Welltory. Before worked for EMC, Datanyze, Aristolo and others.

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